Like an estimated three-quarters of the UK population, turkey will be served, but in this case it will be a Norfolk turkey reared on the estate.

Christmas lunch will be timed for 1pm to no doubt ensure they are finished in time for the Queen’s Christmas Broadcast. So while we in the UK tuck into turkey, the trimmings and the infamous Brussel sprouts (love or hate them) an industry worth £650 million, what delicacies are our global neighbours tucking into over the festive period?

Mattak, raw whale skin served with blubber and Kiviak, a delicacy of 500 auk birds, stuffed into a seal skin and left to ferment for seven months.

South Africa
A tasty treat of deep-fried caterpillars, courtesy of the Emperor Moth.

Finding a sixpence in the pudding is good luck in the UK. Slovakia has a messier tradition. Traditional loksa is hurled at the ceiling – the more that sticks, the better your luck!

We’re more tempted by the Italian feast: up to seven courses to include an array of antipasto, soup, tortellini, pasta, roast meat and desserts. All washed down with paired red, white and sparkling wines and liqueurs!

And what of the price of the Christmas lunch? The average time taken to prepare and cook the Christmas meal is 3.3 hours, while the average cost is £20.19 per diner, with wine and champagne being the most extravagant ‘extras’.

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