Imagine if spending just £120 (Inc VAT) meant saving thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds. With my second opinion service I use my many years of experience in sourcing and purchasing properties for clients to confirm whether you’re making the right decision for you. Before you commit to spending your hard-earned cash on a property that turns out to be plagued with problems, or just doesn’t live up to your first impressions, get a second opinion from a property professional within 24 hours. I’ll talk you through my findings over the phone and you’ll also be able to ask any questions you have about your purchasing process.


It turns out you can buy peace of mind and it’s really easy too. Once you’ve found a property, email me any information you’ve got, or even just the online listing, and for just £120 I’ll delve deeper and provide a:

  • History of the property listing, i.e. how long it’s been on the market and any price reductions
  • Comparison of the property’s true value and listing price
  • Review of the local housing market, including rents and yields where appropriate
  • Recommendation on additional checks to make, including environmental checks
  • Review of local amenities, schools and crime rates
  • Review of expected broadband speeds and mobile reception quality
  • Route to finding the best experts for structural surveys, conveyancing and more
  • Guide on offer price and how best to negotiate terms and the best purchase price


All you need to do is send the details or URL of your property’s listing to along with your contact number and I’ll be in touch to arrange a convenient time to go through my findings.

It really could save you thousands of pounds and be the difference between buying a property that was too good to be true and buying one based on sound advice from a property professional.

T&C’s: For £120 (inc VAT) you can make sure that your next property move is one that is stress free and without unwanted surprises. I offer a reactive service to you; I do not visit the property but I provide you a full service over the phone and answer any questions to do with your potential move and the property in question.


My Story

Born and bred in Norfolk, there are very few people who know East Anglia as intimately as me, and there are even fewer who know the inner workings of the region’s property market.

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Since 2010 I have been supporting buyers such as yourself, helping those looking to move to the area find their ideal home. From £800,000 to £5 million and beyond, I can help your relocation dreams.