We’d lived in our previous property in Norwich for more than 20 years and it sold the same weekend it went on the market. So, we thought it would be a breeze to find a nice house in North Norfolk – you drive by so many beautiful properties in the area.

I had a tight brief and asked the estate agents to find me somewhere which fit the bill. There was lots of enthusiasm from the agents but I wasn’t prepared to move to any of the houses we were shown as they simply didn’t meet our requirements. Then someone suggested that I call Jamieson Property Search.

At our first meeting, Jamie explained that he often knows of properties that are about to come on to the market and was confident he could find us what we were looking for without straying from the brief.

I have high standards and can be a tough customer. I was sceptical initially, despite Jamie’s experience, but all of his claims and contacts were true and good. He rang us one day and said he had heard of a property which was not yet on the market – I knew he was one step ahead of the estate agents.

As soon as we saw the place, Jamie knew we liked it. It was a beautiful Elizabethan building with history, barns and extensive grounds. It was secluded, peaceful, surrounded by fields – it was the one for us. We made an offer and exchanged contracts in 21 days.

My wife was disappointed that there wasn’t a formal dining room but Jamie knew a local architect who drew up plans so we could see what it could look like with some modifications. Jamie also found a surveyor to help with a structural survey, who downed tools to help with the quick turnaround.

We spent the first year just getting to know the house. My wife focussed on the inside of the property while I’ve been more involved with the outside. I like to get stuck in to the gardens and have many projects on the go, cutting the grass in the meadow, restoring some of the original features of the grounds and embracing the joys of vintage tractors.

We love being so close to nature. We have barn owls, which is usual for this area, but we also have tawny owls, which is less common, and a pair of kestrels nesting in the barn.

We’d always had dogs, and when our 14-year-old Labrador died the house didn’t feel the same. We kept looking at the corner of the room where the dog used to be. We had talked with Jamie about getting another dog, and a couple of weeks later he called to say he’d found the perfect dog for us! Our lovely black lab has been with us ever since. We have even stayed in a Portuguese villa that Jamie recommended which turned out to be perfect for us too!

Jamie is well connected (in all areas it seems!) and has the best local networks. I trust him and he’s very discreet which is important to us.

In Norfolk, nice houses with land are thin on the ground and you won’t find them splashed all over the newspaper. You need someone who knows the area, people and property market. So, I have no hesitation in recommending Jamieson Property Search. I recently did so and Jamie, once again, delivered the perfect property, which wasn’t on the market, for a family member.

But we’re definitely not in the market to move. We love it here and have embraced it all, making some nice friends, including our neighbours. When friends come to stay they say how little light pollution there is here, they haven’t seen the stars so clearly for years. What could be more magnificent than that?.