If someone suggests a ‘mardle’ are they inviting you to join them for a

A) Pint of ale

B) Friendly chat

C) Piece of shortbread

Black Shuck is what supposed creature?

A) racehorse

B) A ghostly dog

C) A type of treacle

A ‘Norfolk born and bred’, drived which vehicle?

A) Ford Focus

B) 110 Land Rover

C) Mini

What sort of socks do you wear to go shooting?

A) White ankle socks

B) Woollen stockings

C) Black sports socks

How do you cook at home?

A) Microwave

B) Oil fired AGA

C) Gas oven

Norwich has how many churches?

A) 16

B) 31

C) 52

Alan Partridge can best be described as?

A) A game conservancy specialist

B) A fictional comedy character

C) A local politician

At which school did Sir James Dyson attend?

A) Taverham

B) Greshams

C) Beeston

How do you REALLY pronounce ‘Stiffkey’?  

A) Stoo-key

B) Stiff-key

C) Sticky

A “bishy barney-bee”can also be known by its real name of?

A) A person with wild hair

B) A ladybird

C) A dog

Your builder says to you, just after he has fitted the new window “it’s on the huh”, is he telling you:

A) It fits well

B) Not level

C) It’s a costly mistake


If you answer mainly A you are new to Norfolk

If you answer mainly B you are true Norfolk

If you answer mainly C you are trying too hard!