I am an estate agent for property buyers. As a buying agent, I work with clients to find the right home for them. I also work with buyers looking to invest in buy-to-let properties or second homes. Most estate agents support the sellers, with incentives for selling a property at the highest possible price. I support buyers to help them get the most from their money and make the right decision.


As an independent buying agent, I bring so much more to the property buying process. Many people look for and find their ideal property by sifting through estate agents’ listings. Whilst this is a great start, it’s not the only way to find a home or investment property.

I have an extensive network of property contacts across East Anglia and the surrounding counties, which means I have an even bigger pool of properties to choose from for clients, including properties both on and off the market.


My bespoke Buying Service starts by me getting to know you and what you are looking for in a home or property. Understanding your needs, means I can confidently start the hunt for your ideal property.

For every client, I view around twenty properties in the areas we’ve identified on your behalf and draw up a shortlist of properties for you to view that meet your criteria.

I accompany you to viewings, but it is important that you view not just the property itself but also the surrounding area. I can arrange for third parties to be involved too, such as having an architect on hand to discuss possible improvements and renovation plans or tours of the best local schools.

I also act as an impartial adviser. What this means is that you get an objective analysis of every property with pros and cons laid out clearly, so you can make a choice based on facts, not just feelings.

When you have decided to make a purchase, I negotiate the final deal for you, making sure you get your dream property at the right price.


Buying a property is about more than just the price. You need all the information to make an informed choice, which is something that you don’t always get from the vendor or the estate agent. Of course, there are searches and other legal documents, but you won’t get your hands on these until after your offer has been accepted and the buying process is well underway. With my Buying Service, you’ll get a lot of valuable information before you put an offer in, so that your offer reflects the true value of the property:

  • Off-market properties – the best property for you may not be on the market, but when I find it, I can make an approach on your behalf.
  • Research – I research the town, village or city area thoroughly, as well as the street and surrounding areas, including looking for information on crime, natural disasters such as flooding, whether the property is under a flight path and other information that can be easy to overlook.
  • Value – I can give you an in-depth assessment of the property’s value, along with potential yield and return. This doesn’t replace a mortgage evaluation.
  • Negotiation – on your behalf, I negotiate with the buyer and their agent. My clients pay a lot less for properties as a result!
  • Introductions – I also have extensive contacts when it comes to mortgage brokers, architects, conveyancing solicitors and landscape designers; these are all services you need for a smooth buying process.

My Buying Service is open to anyone seeking to buy a property in East Anglia. For an effortless buying process and the confidence that you’ve found the right house for the right price, get in touch to find out more on 01328 822547 or use my contact form.


My Story

Born and bred in Norfolk, there are very few people who know East Anglia as intimately as me, and there are even fewer who know the inner workings of the region’s property market.

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Since 2010 I have been supporting buyers such as yourself, helping those looking to move to the area find their ideal home. From £800,000 to £5 million and beyond, I can help your relocation dreams.