Although life as we know it seems to stop completely when it snows (as far as I remember). There is still something wonderful about seeing this glorious county covered in a blanket of white.

A friend of mine remembers being at boarding school near Holt thirty years ago when the snow came up to his hip bone. The roads were closed and the canteen staff had to make fresh bread as no deliveries could make it through. All rather magical in my opinion, but with the seasons blurring into one another, it seems unlikely to happen again any time soon.

That’s not to say that it hasn’t got noticeably colder over the past few weeks and home heating is certainly high on the list of priorities for my clients when highlighting what is important in creating a cosy home.

I always laugh to myself when I hear tales of husbands or wives neglecting to tell their other halves there is a ‘boost’ button on the secret pipe in the Aga (for fear of gallons of extra oil being gobbled up by the stalwart, cast iron creation). Or tales of secret thermostat fiddling when backs are turned (only to be fiddled back to the lower setting in return. Thus begins a game of ‘thermostat table tennis’ with secret scores being kept and ‘winners’ silently pumping the air in defiance when the kitchen floor begins to warm up!).

The austere days of old when we were told to put on an extra woolly sweater or do star jumps to keep warm are a dim and distant memory. But I still like to sleep with the bedroom window open, no matter what the temperature outside, sandwiched between a feather topper on the mattress and a heavyweight quilt across the duvet – perfect!