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Face coverings

The Great Cover-up

Since the 13th May, when the housing secretary announced that Britain’s property market was ‘back in business’ if government guidelines were followed, the biggest aspect of moving home that has many people anxious is house viewings. Opening up the market ‘Opening up the housing market is not just great news for home hunters and estate…

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Holkham Hall Image © Holkham Estate

Getting Closer To The Great Houses Of Norfolk

I recently read a fantastic article in The Times by Jayne Dowle about the best UK seaside towns and dropped her a line to discuss it in further detail We got talking and her knowledge of the Norfolk area is fantastic, so I asked her to work on a piece with me about the…

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Last minute Christmas

When does exchange FOLLOW completion? As that time of year is fast approaching, I increasingly sense there is an underlying level of competitiveness when it comes to Christmas shopping, in particular when it has been completed, wrapped and labelled. The more efficient (or should that be officious?!) among us have written a list (and checked it twice), categorised who has…

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Presenting property

If Christmas spend were property, how much would Norfolk be purchasing? Christmas is fast approaching, a time for giving and receiving, eating and spending time with family and friends. Across the UK it is estimated that each household spends over £825 on Christmas, of which over half is on gifts. The UK are the highest spenders on Christmas…

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My Story

Born and bred in Norfolk, there are very few people who know East Anglia as intimately as me, and there are even fewer who know the inner workings of the region’s property market.

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