Jamieson Property Search helps the most discerning buyers move into the most special homes in Norfolk and Suffolk.



I can help you find and acquire your dream home. My service is tailor made to your needs and my sole aim is your new property. When you work with me you take full advantage of my extensive personal and property contacts. I work directly for your benefit and negotiate on your behalf. With me at your side you are not only much more likely to find your dream home, you increase your chances of appealing to the vendor, negotiating successfully and completing the sale.

My Referral Scheme

I’m all about building a network of passionate professionals, which is why I offer a 20% commission of my net fee to anyone who introduces me to either someone looking to purchase a property, or provides details on an off-market property that results in a purchase.

Working with no more than around 12 clients at a time means a more bespoke service tailored specifically for you.
85% of my clients move into properties that were never advertised. I can give you access to the properties you might not otherwise know about.
Deal with me directly, and take full advantage of my extensive personal and property contacts.
Last year 65% of the deals handled by estate agents fell through. I oversee the buying process, to ensure you complete your purchase.



Norfolk beach

Beat a coastal path to Norfolk

Norfolk is fast becoming a favoured destination for people moving out of the city, perhaps to work from home and commute to town two or three days a week. A huge draw is the chance to spend afternoons at the beach or weekends on the Broads.

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August- Summer’s silly season

August used to be known in the newspaper industry as “silly season” – in the doldrums of summer there was so little news that almost anything, however off beat, could make its way onto the pages. In the property market too, August was one of the quietest months, with many people on holiday and few…

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