Jamieson Property Search helps the most discerning buyers move into the most special homes in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Meet Jamie


I can help you find and acquire your dream home. My service is tailor made to your needs and my sole aim is your new property. When you work with me you take full advantage of my extensive personal and property contacts. I work directly for your benefit and negotiate on your behalf. With me at your side you are not only much more likely to find your dream home, you increase your chances of appealing to the vendor, negotiating successfully and completing the sale.

Working with no more than around 12 clients at a time means a more bespoke service tailored specifically for you.
85% of my clients move into properties that were never advertised. I can give you access to the properties you might not otherwise know about.
Deal with me directly, and take full advantage of my extensive personal and property contacts.
Last year 65% of the deals handled by estate agents fell through. I oversee the buying process, to ensure you complete your purchase.



Holkham Hall Image © Holkham Estate

Getting Closer To The Great Houses Of Norfolk

I recently read a fantastic article in The Times by Jayne Dowle about the best UK seaside towns and dropped her a line to discuss it in further detail https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/where-to-buy-property-beside-the-sea-the-top-performing-coastal-towns-in-the-uk-hwk2r5szx We got talking and her knowledge of the Norfolk area is fantastic, so I asked her to work on a piece with me about the…

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Eye on the market – March 2019

Find out the latest on the Norfolk property market Take a look at my infographic to find out how many of the 275 properties sold across the East of England each day are in Norfolk, as well as how the price threshold for a premium property in the East of England compares to those across…

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