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Why Use A Property Search Consultancy?

Most of us hire professional advisors to assist with our business or personal lives – be it accountants, solicitors or wealth management firms. Yet few of us consider working with a property search consultant for what is often the largest and most important purchase of our lives.

As one of Jamie’s clients noted: “As a businessman who has lived in the county for most of his life, I assumed that find our next house would be straightforward – particularly as I knew most of the estate agents. How wrong could I be?… If it wasn’t for Jamie, I am sure we would never have found the house.”

Of course the current economic climate has rendered the housing market trickier than ever, but finding your ideal home has never been easy. From the wasted journeys to view houses that don’t match the particulars, to hours spent trawling the internet, to finally seeing your ‘dream’ house, only to find it’s under offer, the frustrations are very real.

And then, of course, there are the numerous questions to be answered with properties that ‘might’ fit the bill – planning queries, architect or surveyor queries, environmental queries, questions about local schooling, vets, doctors surgeries, restaurants, transport links, the list goes on.

Jamie’s very bespoke service cuts through all these ‘maybes, possibles, what ifs’. His encyclopaedic knowledge of the county enables him to present potential properties to you, with all your questions already answered. As another client commented: “his knowledge of the area, of existing properties and those that are likely to come onto the market was instrumental in us finding our perfect house.”

Did you know that in 2013 85% of the houses which Jamie purchased on behalf of his clients never came onto the open market?