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How does the service work?

Your property demands are exclusive to you. That’s why the first thing that Jamie will do is to arrange a meeting to discuss exactly what you want from a house. When he’s fully briefed, the search for the perfect Norfolk property can begin.

The old adage, ‘location, location, location’ still remains true – houses can be adapted to suit personal requirements, but you cannot change a location. When Jamie is viewing houses on your behalf, he will be looking at them through your eyes, evaluating whether they are suitable or not. In appropriate cases, Jamie will take advice from his professional contacts, to give you a rounded and expert view of the opportunities available to you – for instance, is planning permission likely to be granted for an extension or change of use, or would additional grazing be available to purchase or rent etc?

You will be given an exclusive website log-in so that you can immediately see images of those houses which Jamie has viewed on your behalf. As many of the properties are viewed before they are officially put on the market, the images you’ll see are often those taken by Jamie himself – so you get the true picture, not necessarily the estate agent’s ‘enhanced’ portrayal of a property. Remember, the estate agent is working firmly for the vendor…

Once you have decided which houses you would like to view, Jamie will arrange for you to see them together. Should you be interested in pursuing any of them further, Jamie can arrange for relevant third party consultants to attend subsequent viewings – for instance, planning consultants, chartered surveyors, structural engineers, architects, builders and designers.

When you are ready to make an offer, Jamie will advise on how best to get your offer accepted. This is often the most critical part of the process. It is not always the highest bid that wins the day – people usually want to sell to somebody they like, so making the vendor like you is really important. Jamie works closely with a first class firm of solicitors who have great experience and expertise in the conveyancing of rural estates and prime Norfolk property. They actively push proceedings through to exchange, never sitting on any problems – and this sort of proactive stance can be absolutely crucial.

Last year, 65% of deals handled by estate agents fell through. In the current climate especially, it’s not just a case of finding the perfect home, it’s as much about ensuring that the tricky transactional process to purchase it is ultimately successful.

Once the purchase is complete, you pay Jamieson Property Search a finder’s commission based on the sale price; we will be pleased to discuss this in more detail with you.

Jamie is always pleased to share his local knowledge and contacts for your benefit. Whether you need a reputable house sitter or reliable window cleaner, advice on the potential purchase of additional amenity land or perhaps simply a great restaurant for a family celebration, Jamie can help. Last year, he even sourced a Labrador puppy for one of his clients!