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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve never come across a property search consultant before – can you explain what service you offer?

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions we make in our lives. I work with clients to understand exactly what they require from a home and then I go out and find it for them

Why would people contact you and not go direct to an estate agent?

I offer a completely bespoke and personal service that covers the entire county of Norfolk. I aim to make sure that my clients avoid the usual hassles involved in property purchase. So that’s no wasted journeys to view houses that don’t live up to their particulars, no time spent trawling the internet and, most importantly, not finally seeing your ‘dream house’ only to find it is already under offer. I also actively manage the entire purchase process for my clients to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly and is ultimately successful.

What would you say is the biggest advantage that you can offer, over estate agents?

Due to my professional contacts in the region, I am able to let my clients know about houses before they are advertised to the public. 85% of the houses which I helped my clients to buy in 2012 never came on the market.

How many clients do you have at any one time?

The maximum number of clients I would ever work on behalf of is 12. I only take on a small number at any one time as this enables me to give a personal service and to avoid any conflict of interest.

How do you source your houses?

I find houses from people and estate agents. Sometimes I am contacted directly by owners who choose not to hand their houses over to agents, in order to avoid multiple viewings and time wasters. This obviously gives me the heads-up on some unique buying opportunities. I also have my ear firmly to the ground the whole time, so I hear about houses before they are put on the market.

Assuming I secured your services, how would it work exactly?

The first thing I would do is to arrange a meeting to discuss exactly what you want from a house. The old adage ‘location, location, location’ always rings true. If necessary, houses can be adapted to suit your own personal requirements but the one thing that cannot be changed is location. At the meeting you pay me a deposit, sign my terms and conditions – which sets out exactly what I will be doing for you – and I’m then ready to start my search.

How do you keep in contact?

When I first meet with clients I often hear, ‘’the agents never call me!” I keep in constant contact with my clients, providing information on properties I have viewed on their behalf, new instructions and details on properties that I have rejected. I think it’s very important to be in contact regularly – and if there’s nothing specific to report, I’ll still be in contact, even if it’s just to talk about the glorious sunshine we are having in Norfolk!

What is the procedure when you see something you think may be suitable?

I send you some photos immediately by email, but you will also be able to log onto a password protected client portal where all my photos will be posted. Nine times out of 10 there are no details because the property is not yet fully on the market, so I take lots of photos from angles which the agent hasn’t covered – remember the agent is working for the seller and his job is to ensure that the house looks its very best. Where possible I will put together some history of the house. Once you’ve seen the photos we chat it through and decide whether you should come and see it or not.

If we want to view one of the houses you have seen, who would arrange the viewing?

When the right property comes along I will arrange for us to view it together. It’s very useful for me to see what you like and dislike and I will be able to discuss any queries you might have on the house. Before your viewing I will have driven around the area to check that there is not a busy road close by or indeed any electricity pylons or pig farms on your doorstep. If the viewing goes well I can, if required, arrange for appropriate third party consultants to accompany us on a second viewing. I am happy to introduce you to all members of my professional network which include solicitors, planners, chartered surveyors, architects, designers and builders. My aim is to provide you with a smooth service all the way through the process.

What happens if I see our perfect house but it is not for sale? Are you able to help?

In that instance, I would make an approach, completely confidentially, to see if the owner would like to sell; sometimes they say yes and sometimes they say no, you just never know.

Will you help us make an offer?

The buying process has many different hurdles that need to be crossed, so I will advise you on how to get an offer accepted. Making it look attractive to the agent and the vendor is important as they usually want to sell to somebody they like – and therefore making them like you is even more important. Using the right solicitor who will push proceedings through to exchange, rather than sitting on any problems, can also be absolutely crucial.

Once an offer is made, what’s the next step?

Once I’ve made the offer on your behalf, I then deal with all the negotiations. This will ensure that the correct surveyor has seen the property and any problems are sorted out before they become a major issue and a deal killer. I work with an excellent solicitor who helps ensure that the legal side is taken care of and any problems are dealt with at the earliest possible opportunity. The estate agents tell me that last year some 65% of their deals fell through,  so a lot of my time is spent ensuring that this doesn’t happen. I am pleased to say that during 2012 it didn’t happen to my clients once.